Gorgeous Ways to Decorate with String Lights

Gorgeous Ways to Decorate with String Lights

Light up the night with these savvy ways to use string lights in your outdoor space. 

Decorative string lights are one of the easiest updates you can bring to your porch or backyard. Patio light strings provide a cozy place to read a book in the summer and bring extra light to the party when the fire pit runs low. Plus, patio string lights set the mood and provide a little twinkle, rather than illuminate a space for functional reasons. Consider using them in conjunction with other outdoor light sources, such as candles on a dining table or pathway lights, to help keep people sure-footed. 

Decorative string lights also come in many different designs, including vintage-style Edison bulbs, sleek orbs, and even lanterns, so it's easy to find a strand (or several!) that fits your style. String lights are an inexpensive solution for giving dark patios a little extra twinkle. See all the different ways you can incorporate these fun outdoor light fixtures into your backyard. 

How to Hang Patio String Lights:
Before you can turn your backyard into a cozy oasis, you'll need to know how to hang outdoor string lights. First, look for battery-operated string lights or invest in a few extension cords if an outlet isn't within reach. Always be sure to use lights, extension cords, and other lighting equipment that is graded for outdoor use. When you're ready to hang string lights, drill screw eyes into a post, tree, or wall. Then, use small metal carabiners to attach the string of lights to the screw eyes. This will keep the lights from slipping off a simple hook in the event of wind or storms, and protect your patio from broken bulbs.

Choosing Outdoor String Lights:
There are dozens of varieties of outdoor string lights, so they aren't a one-size-fits-all decor item. When shopping for string lights, there are two main things to consider: Length and style. If you aren't sure how many strands you'll need, it's helpful to string a piece of yarn around the patio to get an exact measurement before you order anything. If you're lighting a small area, you might be able to use just one strand of long outdoor string lights. There are also many different styles of string lights, including clear bulbs, mini tin-can lights, and woven lanterns. There are also long-lasting LED versions so shop around to find a size and style that fits your space perfectly.

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