Jills 2023 Real estate Market Outlook

Jills 2023 Real estate Market Outlook

TRREB shared its housing data for December this morning and a few things immediately stand out. The INSERT NUMBER are roughly half as many as the same time last year. The INSERT NUMBER new listings are low, and not helping our chronic supply challenges. And, with average prices holding at roughly INSERT NUMBER, we continue to see buyers and sellers exhibiting great patience.

So, with that in mind, the question I’m often asked by sellers at this time of year is “What do we do? Do we promote our property or wait for the spring market? Sales are low, won’t we typically see more sales activity after the winter months?”

The one thing I’ve always said about The Holidays and The New Year is that it’s the one holiday where just about everyone in the world has time off. So, if a prospective buyer has been planning to visit from out of town in order to experience York Region and explore our neighbourhoods, this is the time. Why not have it on the market?

Remember, even when showings and sales are down, real estate remains top of mind for people across the country and beyond. 

Don’t be fooled into thinking reduced sales activity equals reduced interest in real estate. Your homes are being seen by potential buyers every day. If you are waiting for a later date to list, you are missing out on an engaged and interested audience. 

With my proven sales and marketing teqcnigh buyers and sellers need not worry about the market condistions, I will develope a plan that will most benefit you because Like I saud above waiting to ytranact is silly.  Nobody has a crystal ball so there is no telling when the market might rebound. 

I always say the best time to buy or sell real estate is when you can afford it! 

"Don't wait to by real estate, buy real estate and wait".  You can never go wrong with this approach. 




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